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Our Initiatives (2022)

How we spread happiness

Sports Drive


This drive had active participation of our members who played games like tug of war, "rumal chor" and lemon spoon race with these tiny tots. The winners were awarded at the end. This helped in incorporating sportsmanship among the kids and their electrifying enthusiasm rejuvenated the energy of our members.

Art & Craft


art craft 4 sep.jpg

Art & Craft session with slum kids 

Cloth Donation Drive


cloth donation 16 0ct_edited.jpg

Snowdrop distributed clothes at Chittupur A slum. Trust us... You would want to experience the joy that comes from giving 'cause even if you're weak, you can still be kind .
A small effort by Team Snowdrop to make our loved ones a little happier :)

Children's Day


child day art craft.jpg

Along with Maitri visit we organised Art & Craft competition and music session for the kids.

Orphanage Visit


orphanage 17 7.jpg

Orphanage visit to understand the ground realities.

Interaction Session

slum visit.jpg

Visitation of Slum areas and interaction with slum kids and daily teaching

Diwali Drive


diwali 23 oct_edited.jpg

Snowdrop celebrated Diwali with slum kids along with some enthusiast professors of BHU. Members made Rangoli and distributed sweets and played games.

Blanket Distribution Drive


blank 11 dec.jpg

Snowdrop distributed blankets at Sankat Mochan, Lanka & Assi Ghat.Because, even the coldest of nights can't stop the fire in our hearts from spreading warmth.

Slum Survey

slum survey.jpg

Survey of slums around the BHU Campus

Blood Donation Drive


blood dn 5 sep.jpg

Blood Donation Drive and Nukkad Natak with NSS BHU on 5th September 2022

Children's Day


child day 14 nov foood.jpg

Snowdrop paved the way for slums kids visit to Maitri Jalpangrih on Children's Day




Snowdrop conducted Quiz Competition for backward school students to uplift the overall development of kids.

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