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Our Initiatives (2023)

How we spread happiness

Footwear Distribution Drive


ftwr distr drv.jpg

Every pair of footwear has its own story. Celebrating these stories of tiny feets by giving them a reality.
On the occasion of Mahamana Jayanti Team Snowdrop providing these suffering little gems with wavered walks a support so that they can move towards their future with heads held high.

Wall Painting Drive


wall pnt drv.jpg

Chuppi Pe Charcha


chup p c.jpg

"Chuppi Pe Charcha"
To raise awareness and break the stigma around menstruation, we organised a Nukkad natak , poster making competition and distributed pads for free, alongside participating in the Red Dot Challenge, as a part of "Chuppi pe Charcha".
"Menstruation isn't the problem but poor menstrual hygiene is."
Some eminent personalities of BHU were a part of this initiative led by us, which helped to boost the impact and to bring this human issue more into public attention.

Clothes Donation Drive



"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference".
A helping hand can be a ray of sunshine in a cloudy world and the helping hands of our members, who distributed clothes to the deprived became a reason for their happiness. It was also an effort to recycle clothes for sustainability and support those who cannot afford proper clothing. Hence, together we can and together we have made the difference.

Sanitation Awareness Drive


sanita awa.jpg

In Chhittupur A's challenging living conditions, Snowdrop Foundation conducted a sanitization awareness drive to combat dengue. This slum's mosquito-infested environment posed a significant health risk. We went door-to-door, educating residents about dengue prevention and also providing knowledge about its cure. We also educated them about clean-up efforts to eliminate stagnant water, a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Our mission was to empower the community with knowledge and tools to protect their health and well-being. We informed the kids about the importance of washing hands before eating and trimming of nails. We concluded the drive by distributing refreshments to the kids.

Food Distribution Drive


food dst drv.jpg

We distributed khichdi to more than 350 people at Sir Sunderlal Hospital. There were a lot of people -- ones who had travelled a long way to visit Sir Sunderlal Hospital as well as the deprived ones, who did not have enough means to feed themselves. We tried to lend a hand by distributing free food to them. Besides, we also distributed Khichdi near the area of Lanka Gate, BHU, among the ones who are destitute. This drive was conducted at multiple sites because we wanted to satiate the needs of the people who were suffering and thereby, spread joy in their lives.

Health Camp


health camp.jpg

Chhittupur-A slum, one of our teachings sites has been facing sanitation problems for a long time. To commemorate WORLD HEALTH DAY and take a step towards curbing this problem, we organized a health camp. The doctors did an overall screening of the children and their parents living at the slum. Even the parents willingly came forward and the women were asked about their menstrual problems. This helped us in spreading awareness about sanitation while fostering a hygienic environment.

Yoga Drive


yog drv.jpeg

The International Yoga Day added yet another memory to the endless efforts our team has made to brighten the life of the children. Together, through yoga, they learned a life lesson that will stay with them forever-"the journey of self, through the self and to the self".

Independence Day Drive


ind pen drv.jpg

At Snowdrop Foundation, we believe in upholding unity and working towards progress.
With this idea in mind, we marked this day by spending time with the children of SEER GATE SLUM. Our hearts were filled with pride as we witnessed the children's voices uniting for the national anthem, followed by the hoisting of the national flag. Amidst cheers, we shared warmth through clothes and sweets, uniting in song and dance.
A vibrant display of patriotism and togetherness will be etched in our memories forever.


(20-22 Jan 23)

kashiya drv.jpg

We became the official social welfare partner in Kashiyatra' 23 that was held from 20th to 22nd January. Kashiyatra is IIT-BHU's annual socio-cultural fest and is undoubtedly, one of North India's biggest college fests. Every year, Kashiyatra attracts a lot of audience -- especially the youth. We set up our stall in Kashiyatra for 3 consecutive days, interacted with a diverse range of visitors, gave them a glimpse of our work and achievements, launched and sold our merchandise while communicating with the masses. We concluded our 3-day journey with their valuable feedbacks, suggestions, contributions and support which motivated as well as propelled us.

South Asian Border Conference

(17-19 April 23)


Our team recently conducted its representation in the Third South Asian Border Studies Conference, held from 17th-19th April 2023 at BHU. We interacted with many distinguished guests namely:
- Dr. Paul Fryer, University of Finland, Chief Guest

- Mr. Sanjeev Chopra, Ex-Director, LBSNAA, and Retired IAS officer 1985 batch
- Prof. Sanjay Chaturvedi, Dean, FSS, SAU, Delhi
- Dr. Dhananjay Tripathi, Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of International Relations, SAU
- Prof. Emmanuel Brunet Jailly, Professor and Jean Monnet Chair, University of Victoria, Canada
- Research scholars from Sri Lanka

Pulse Polio Campaign

(1-5 June 23)


During this campaign, a team of Snowdrop volunteers consisting of 14 members ,visited 1600+ houses to administer polio drops to over 500+ children in the areas of Banaras Hindu University, Sundar Bagiya and BLW, Varanasi. We educated the children and their parents about this disease and ways to prevent it.
WHO and Indian Government have taken various initiatives to spread awareness and there remains a hope for prevention and eradication of this malady. Hence, our volunteers worked diligently and will continue to do so for aiding the society and achieving the goal of a healthy India.

Rakshabandhan Drive


rakhi drv.jpg

This Rakshabandhan, we shared more than just rakhis, we shared stories, traditions and love with the kids. Crafting rakhis together; that might not have been perfect, but the joy on their faces was priceless. We showed them the art, the bond, and the essence of this beautiful festival. As they tied rakhis on their siblings' wrists and ours, we became a part of their extended family.
A day filled with laughter, love, and the promise of protection.

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